Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Huntress

Allow me to introduce "The Huntress", one of my recurring characters: she's young, blonde, sports a 5'6, 225lb physique packed with muscle, and tends to run around the jungle in nothing but in her bare feet.
Pretty much explains why she's a recurring character!


  1. Another memorable character...thanks for this sensual amazon depiction, khuddle.

  2. beautiful as usual. Not to mention the gorilla's face :)

  3. Is there any chance to see her take on the gorilla, along with other beast in the jungle?

  4. Anonymous, the Huntress is a mere 18 years of age, yet she is already bold, arrogant and totally fearless. I will have her fight and defeat the gorilla, a giant sabre-tooth tiger, and a hapless Masai warrior (The latter will be forced to kiss the soles of her feet in submission afterwards!)
    So in sum then, yeah, lots more Huntress coming.

  5. can't wait to see her fight these jungle animals, it already got my heart racing. I also like her confidence and attitude.

  6. Hi, khuddle!
    I really like your character, the Huntress. But
    here I see only single sketches, as that here above. Where I can find and read the stories of the Huntress?Them are comic stories or only
    text story?Thanks!