Friday, January 8, 2010

The Taming of Hippolyte

Hippolyte, the muscle-bound queen of the Amazons, was pursued by many suitors, but she would only sleep with a man of noble blood, and only if he could defeat her in wrestling. Hundreds of princes and lords, including the mighty warriors Theseus and Cadmus, came to take up her challenge, but none could best her, and many died constricted between her brawny arms. One day, the sly Diomedes approached her and challenged her to a match. Hippolyte snorted disdainfully at this, thinking it a joke at first, for Diomedes was as tall and as thin as a willow tree, and didn't look like he could best the youngest and weakest of her people. Still, she could not refuse him, for he was of noble blood, a direct descendant of clever king Sisyphus.
The day of the match, Diomedes made a sacrifice of a thousand ewes to the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. The Goddess, who didn't care for the Amazons, considering them uncouth and unfeminine, jumped at the opportunity to humble the vain and arrogant Hippolyte. She offered Diomedes a potion of mandrake root, which would make him impervious to pain for the duration of the match.
As the contest began, the haughty Hippolyte tossed Diomedes to and fro about the wrestling ring, toying with the young man, drawing laughs and jeers from the crowd Amazons who had gathered to watch the match. And yet, the young man would not yield. Puzzled, Hippolyte grasped Diomedes about the chest, and squeezed until his ribs cracked and his eyes bulged from their sockets. Still, he would not submit to her. Frustrated, Hippolyte hammered the young man with powerful blows and spectacular kicks, until his body was black and blue with bruises. But she could not get him to concede. The contest began to drag on, and soon the great woman began to tire, until, to the shock and amazement of crowd of onookers, she slumped exhausted to the ground, allowing Diomedes to stagger over to her and pin her in place.
Grudgingly accepting her defeat, Hippolyte invited the young man to her royal tent that evening. She had her bulging muscles oiled until they glistened and gleamed, her long wavy hair perfumed and dressed in lavender ribbons, and her body fitted with most tantalizing and skimpiest of costumes. She then invited Diomedes to her bed, and allowed him to mount her. The young man, wild with excitement at the sight of the Amazon's chiseled physique, made vigorous and energetic love to her throughout the entire night, until, spent, he collapsed at her side, and fell into a deep and satisfied slumber.


  1. Well it sure would have been great to wrestle this gal, even without the potion.

  2. maybe he died in the night with a smile on his face?