Monday, February 7, 2011

Forbidden Love

Here is my latest commission. Kind of a variation on an older picture I did -- with a twist! Corresponding storyline as follows:

Megan Woodson is a 20 year gay community college student and aspiring pro bodybuilder. She spends her days hitting the books, studying to become a nurse; her nights hitting the weights, hoping to attain her pro card. On weekends, she prowls the gay gyms, beaches and nightclubs of West Hollywood, Los Angeles trendiest and most affluent gay district, looking to snare a cute and wealthy girlfriend with her mischievous blue eyes, unshakable self-confidence, and bulging tanned muscles.

Carla Goldstein is a 32 year old succesful Hollywood agent making over 300k a year. She had recently split with her actress girlfriend, and is reluctantly making her way back into the dating scene, looking tentatively for a new relationship. She joins her firm's gym in an effort to tone up her willowy physique, and thats when, one fateful day, she encounters Megan.

Noticing Carla furtive yet unmistakeably approving glances, Megan swaggers over to the elegant Jewish woman, her girlish look of innocence and musical giggle contrasting starkly with her 5'4, 225lb physique packed with slab upon slab of muscle. After a few moments of giddy flirtation and some light background probing, Megan hits a couple of acommodating poses for the bewildered Carla -- an unreal double biceps pose, an impressive side chest, and a flaring lat spread accompanied by a suggestive wink. Seeing the unmistakable idolization and hunger in the older woman's eyes, she ceases her posing with an amused snigger, then casually invites Carla to come watch her compete at the Iron Maiden bodybuilding contest that Saturday. Barely able to mumble a breathless acceptance, Carla watches mesmerized as the bouncy young bodybuilder saunters out of the gym.

That Saturday, Carla watches from the front row as her newly acquainted young hero flexes and strains against a chorus line of musclebound goddesses. Though some of the other women appear to be older and more seasoned than Megan, the plucky young bodybuilder more than holds her own, outshining almost all of them with them almost 20lbs more muscle, an irrepressable personality, and perpetual bobbing blonde ponytail. She manages to take second at the contest, and qualifies for her pro card. In the lobby, Carla must push her way through a sea of squealing female groupies, some clamoring for Megan's autograph, others whispering their cell phone numbers into the broadly grinning bodybuilder's ear. Carla is forced to drag Megan away from her gaggle of skinny female admirers, leading the young bodybuilder to her gleaming silver porsche awaiting dutifully in the auditorium parking lot.

Back at Carla's Redondo Beach Mansion, Megan agressively pumps and poses for Carla in a tiger print bikini as an angry, hardcore rap song blares in the background. The agent looks on from the comfort of a sumptuous divan, clad in a conservative silk dressing gown and sipping at a decanter of champagne, trying to mask her wonder, admiration and general horniness for the younger girl. Suddenly Megan ceases her posing and moves purposely across the gleaming marble floor, her 225lb bulk causing the tiles to creak in protest. She comes to loom majestically over Carla, and a with beckoning grunt invites the older woman to stand and explore her masterpiece of a physique. Standing cautiously to her feet, Carla notice she is several inches taller than Megan, yet nonethless feels like pitiful stick-insect before the young bodybuilder nearly 100lbs heavier than she! Trembling with excitement, the older woman run her slender hands cautiously over Megan's swollen shoulders, down over the eliptical bulge of the massive biceps, then over to the menacing, bloated triceps, the mountainous expanse of back, and finally to the insolent little glutes. All the while Megan watches Carla's reverent exploration with girlish amusement, and once again Carla is astounded by the contrast of Megan's Herculean physique with her schoolgirl face: her eyes, sky blue and bright with mischief, are cartoonishly large; her nose a playful button; and her smile a dazzling display of large white teeth. Her features flushing, Carla is seized by an impulse to kiss the bodybuilder, but Megan dodges the attempt with a playful snicker, then knocks the dark haired woman to the divan with a gentle thrust of her chest, establishing quickly and painlessly that she is the master in the new relationship. Clambering onto the divan, careful not to pulverize her lover with her formidable bulk, Megan eases out of her bikini, as Carla's dressing gown comes cascading to the ground. Megan straddles the skinny dark-haired woman with measured care, then cranes down towards her, her mouth searching hungrily for the others. Soon the night is filled with only three sounds -- Carla's appreciative moans, Megan's determined grunts, and thump and slaps of Megan muscular glute muscles as they pump and grind away at their quarry...


  1. Nice to see some new content! Thanks, you have a lot of talent!!!

  2. it's good except... I wonder what Megan grinds *with*, if it's the missionary position... :p

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