Thursday, September 17, 2009

Queen of the Dark Elves

Deep in the very Heart of the Underdark resides her Imperial Royal Highness, Lolth, Queen of the Dark Elves. According to the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons book "Deities and DemiGods", this magnificent creature's statistics were as follows: Strength: 21; Intelligence: 21; Wisdom: 16; Dexterity: 21; Constitution: 21; Charisma/Comeliness: 23. What puzzled me was why she always drawn as a beautiful yet spindly female; with a strength of 21 and a constitution of 21, shouldn't she have been drawn with more of a bodybuilder's physique? Anyway, here is MY interpretation of what the Queen of the Dark Elves should have looked like.


  1. So, not only can you draw very well, you're a D&D geek as well.

    Excellent :)

    PS: With str 21, she can lift and carry 920 lbs, and the cha 23 looks about right ;)

  2. Former D&D geek, its true, I played quite a bit as a kid/teen (I wonder if young kids still play it today; with the proliferation of MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, I somehow doubt it).

    Lolth is uniquely beautiful, super-built, super-fit -- and appropriately, super-lusty. She is accompanied by one hundred of the handsomest young males of the Underdark, "The Cohorts of Lolth", who serve as her consorts. These young males don't last very long, as they are constantly competing for the affections of the Goddess, to the the point that they eventually kill each other off. This suits Lolth well, as she gets bored of her "pretty boys" very quickly, and it gives her an excuse to go "on the hunt" for fresh new recruits.

  3. If only she looked like that in the game, I'd sure be a DnD fan too...

  4. Wow that is a great image of the Dark Elf Queen. I wished more of the fantasy females looked like that. And I think its pretty cool that you used to play D&D used to myself. I hope you do some more fantasy art, you're a really great artist.