Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ring Girl

Name: Amanda Burns aka "Ring Girl"
Nationality: American (mixed German, Cherokee Indian descent)
Age: 20
Hair: Honey Blonde
Eyes: Light Blue
Height: 5'6
Weight: 200lbs
Profession: Amateur Bodybuilder, Professional MMA Fighter
Record: 25-0, mens middleweight division -- 2 victories by decision,
15 by submission, 8 by technical knockout


  1. Love this pic. The modern young woman of today or the near future, competing directly against males in formerly "macho" only sports and defeating them. What a gorgeous, aggressive musclewoman, triumphant in the middle of the ring, "womanhandling" her helpless opponent! How 'bout a pic of her standing over him, facing us, flexing her enormous biceps in triumph as the emcee announces her victory? BRAVO!

  2. Amanda is a bodybuilder first and foremost. She is very beautiful and very vain, and proud of her magnificent, tanned, thickly-muscled physique. She only took up fighting because she needed the money. Her skills weren't the greatest, but years of bodybuilding had made her so much stronger than any of her opponents that she easily dominated the sport. She still isn't crazy about fighting -- "grappling with some sweaty guy on a mat" isn't her idea of a good time, and she loathes allowing men/women to touch her magnificent body -- but she loves the publicity that fighting gives her, and the hordes of groupies that flock to her (tons of cute boys and gorgeous girls -- Amanda indulges both sexes, so long as they are attractive!).

  3. Awesome! I like this one a lot! You should do more of this character (and ones like her) crushing guys.

  4. You've got a talent for drawing girls who are megamuscular and cute at the same time. Not to mention that they look beautiful beating up people.

  5. Amanda is wasting her time with unworthy male
    wrestling opponets! Match her up with totally
    ripped women in a series of grappling contests.